Saturday, February 9, 2008

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Welcome delegates from NSPC (National School Press Conference) 2008 at our Official U3 Alamid Café Blog.

Simple map location of U3 Alamid Cafe

U3 is the first QSR cafe located in RDJ Arcade, Alunan Avenue, City of Koronadal. U3 offers residents and visitors a totally new style of coffee shop - one offering a uniquely flavorful coffee drink, finest savory pasta, delightfully tasty taps, finest wine and drinks and a comfortable, wi-fi ready, upscale environment at which to socialize, relax or work.

Koronadal City's Rounball
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U3 will be the first unique and upscale of the coffee shops chain industry in the city, offering a higher quality product and better quality service in an exceptional environment and in an affordable cost. The only coffee shop that comes close to become a landmark at Alunan Ave.

U3 will offer a superior coffee product, delicious pastries, fresh juices, the finest tea drinks, Pasta, Rice Combos and others.

The U3 staff members who will prepare the foods and drinks are going to be highly trained and experienced. They know how to prepare an excellent espresso- based drink, brew tasty coffee, prepare pasta, and rice combos. We will use the highest quality equipment and ingredients to deliver a noticeably superior product.

Our design style is different from all other coffee shops, an upscale open counter and exquisite look. It features painted hanging cabinets, unique decorations, counter in sticker finish, Wi-Fi ready area and with outdoor dining.

Philippine Civet

Coffee Alamid is a Philippine Civet Coffee from wild civet droppings on the different forest floors of Philippine mountains. Paradoxous Philippinensis is a civet which belongs to the mongoose family - a nocturnal animal which uses its nose to choose the ripest and sweetest coffee cherries and relentlessly eats tehm during coffee season.

Gathered very early in the morning usually before the sun rises, the forest dwellers climb the mountain and pick the civet droppings on the forest floors. On a good day, a gather can collect one kilo of civet droppings.

Coffee Alamid is a blend of the Philippine's finest Arabica, Liberica and Exelsa beans. When roasted, it exudes an almost musical, fruity aroma. It has a strong, sweet, dark chocolatey taste that is perfect for that morning kick or high power meetings. Definetely a clean cup.

Coffee Alamid

- supports the protection of the civets
- preserves the civet's habitat & the environment
- provides livelihood for the forest dwellers

U3 Acoustic Band
(from left to right, namely: Ivan Jude, Dio, Ludge, Sheryl and Sheena)

On Feb. 14-22 at night their will be live acoustic band perfomance at our U3 Bar. Bring the whole family and friends, date your love ones, or solo. Listen the beautiful voices and romantic music of the U3 Acoustic Band.

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Enjoy your day at U3 Alamid Cafe.